Jan. 11, 2019
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Watch Full Sex Education Season 1 Streaming HD

Plot :

Sex Education primarily follows Otis Milburn, an insecure student at Moordale Secondary School. Otis begins the series ambivalent about sex, in part because his divorced mother Jean is a sex therapist who frequently has affairs with her male suitors, but is unable to maintain romantic relationships. His best friend is Eric Effiong, the gay son of Ghanaian-Nigerian immigrants. Over the course of the series, Otis becomes close with Maeve Wiley, a confident student whose high intelligence is overshadowed by her troubled past.

Other students at Moordale Secondary School include Adam Groff, the headmaster’s son who develops a bullying nature out of his own insecurity and self-loathing; Jackson Marchetti, the head boy struggling to meet the high expectations set for him; Ruby Matthews, Anwar, and Olivia Hanan, members of a popular clique known as “The Untouchables”; Aimee Gibbs, an Untouchable who is secretly best friends with Maeve; and Lily Iglehart, an eccentric girl determined to lose her virginity. The school is later joined by Ola Nyman, whose father Jakob is a widowed plumber. Jakob and Jean begin to date, which creates tensions due to Otis and Ola entering into a relationship of their own.

The first series sees Otis set up a sex advice business with Maeve to help their fellow students with their sexual problems. Their business becomes a success, but conflict arises when Otis finds himself becoming attracted to Maeve.

In the second series, Otis is hit with the reality and pressures of a high school romance after Ola becomes his girlfriend. Their romance is further tested by the introduction of new students who challenge the status quo at Moordale and a chlamydia outbreak that causes students to question and struggle with topical issues

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