Nov. 16, 2021
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Watch Full Riverdale Season 6 Streaming HD

Plot :

Tony and Fangs are a couple in distress because baby Anthony has colic and therefore isn’t sleeping. Or more accurately, he’s crying incessantly. And when they say a polite “no thank you” to Dr. Curdle Jr.’s truly insane idea of putting a toad in their son’s mouth to suck out the colic, they’re left with only one option: To leave their baby on a tree stump in the woods overnight. It’s a classic remedy for colic, I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

Fangs informs Tony that it’s actually kind of a Serpent tradition and even cured him of colic when he was a child. So… Tony heads to the woods! And here you thought the parents in Riverdale were questionable!

Thankfully, Tony’s stopped before she lays Anthony down on a tree stump by none other than the forest-obsessed Cheryl, whose “calming perfume” seems to be the thing that cures his colic?!

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