ATYPICAL: Season 2

Sep. 07, 2018
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Plot :

Upon learning of Elsa’s affair with Nick, Doug quickly kicks her out of the house, leaving him to complete all household tasks by himself, which proves overwhelming. Doug later allows Elsa back into the house under his guidelines, although he remains distant. Sam, no longer able to see Julia due to a conflict of interest, struggles to find a new therapist he is comfortable with. The school’s guidance counselor, Ms. Whitaker, encourages Sam to apply to university and join her peer group for students on the spectrum, which prepares students for graduation and independence.

Although she feels unwelcome at Clayton Preparatory School, Casey is befriended by the captain of the track team, Izzie, who is initially mean to her. The two develop a close relationship, and Casey develops romantic feelings for Izzie towards the end of the second season–leaving her wondering what it means for her and her boyfriend, Evan. Without Casey being in Sam’s school, he begins to express the changes in his life by sketching in his notebook more frequently. After his drawings are discovered by Ms. Whitaker, Sam applies to Denton University’s Scientific Illustration program and is accepted. Meanwhile, Julia deals with frustrations regarding a lackluster proposal, as well as her pregnancy.

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