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In Salem in 1693, Agatha Harkness is held for trial by a coven of witches, for practising dark magic. As they attempt to kill her, she drains their life from them. In the present day, Agatha demands to know how Wanda is controlling Westview, threatening her with the lives of her children.

She forces Wanda to relive key moments in her life, including when she and Pietro were stuck in rubble next to an unexploded bomb. It is revealed that Wanda herself was able to stop the bomb from exploding, using magical abilities that she had possessed since birth. Later, it is seen that Wanda visited S.W.O.R.D. to try and recover Vision’s body.

Hayward shows her the mutilated corpse. Wanda gets angry and breaks into the lab, but, unable to feel Vision, she leaves, leaving the corpse behind. Finally, Wanda drives to a lot in Westview, that Vision had bought for her intending to live together there. In a fit of grief, she creates a house on the lot, manifests a new version of Vision, and ultimately extends the Hex across the entire town.













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WandaVision S01E08

Feb. 26, 2021

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