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Plot : The Wilderness

une’s testimony against Fred is recorded as the ICC judges are busy. She reveals to Emily that she is distraught that Fred will be flying to Geneva where he will be granted immunity. June meets with Fred, who apologizes for the pain she felt when Hannah was taken away from her. June is unsatisfied and bargains with Tuello for Fred to be brought to justice; the two meet in a closed diner with Commander Lawrence, who proposes to release a few Gileadan women in exchange for Fred Waterford. Tuello says he will seek approval from his boss.

Before Fred is about to leave for Geneva, he says goodbye to Serena. Before he can board the airplane, he is arrested by Tuello and brought to Commander Lawrence and Commander Nick, the latter of whom delivers Fred to June. June, Emily and other women chase Fred through the forest and beat him to death and hang him on a wall.

June arrives home with blood on her face to the shock of her husband Luke. Serena waits for Fred to call him online as they had planned. As the mail carrier sorts Serena’s envelopes, he opens one that includes Fred’s wedding ring and ring finger.

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Jun. 16, 2021

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