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Plot : Progress

Luke convinces June to continue the search for Hannah, and convinces her to telephone Commander Lawrence for help but he refuses. In Gilead, Esther refuses to eat and Jeanine encourages her to have some food at Aunt Lydia’s prompting to avoid torture. Esther relents and begins to comply with Gileadan norms, for which Aunt Lydia praises the two young women. Under pressure from Luke, June agrees to a meeting with Nick to obtain information.

Tuello arranges the meeting at a Roman Catholic school, in the neutral zone. June takes Nichole with her which pleases Nick who gives their daughter a doll. They emotionally embrace and Nick provides June with a file on Hannah, including some recent photographs and her current location in Colarado. Fred and Serena are visited by Commander Warren Putnam and his wife Naomi who offers to take care of the Waterford baby.

Warren informs Fred that Gilead will not negotiate their release for political reasons. Fred then strikes a deal with Tuello to drop the ICC charges against him in return for information on Gilead’s inner workings. When June learns this, she angrily threatens to kill Tuello for what she sees as a betrayal of his principles.

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Jun. 09, 2021

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