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Plot : Great Men

Alvarez knows who raped Glynn’s daughter, but refuses to tell the warden. Wangler is making progress at school, but his cellmate, Adebisi, isn’t a fan of higher education. When Augustus Hill’s judge is convicted of accepting bribes, Said takes up Hill’s case to get him a second trial. Diagnosed with cancer, O’Reily goes to a hospital to get a prison-paid lumpectomy, which is cheaper than a mastectomy. The Aryans are losing credibility in Oz, so Schillinger arranges to have a tough named Vogel killed with Beecher being the next on the hit list. Finally, the prison is filled with excitement as a woman, Shirley Bellinger, arrives on death row to be executed.

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Oz S02E03
Oz S02E03

Jul. 27, 1998

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